Ovi Store for Meego

Meego was Nokia’s last in-house smartphone OS. Though it met an early demise due to the complexities of the global smartphone market, it was a critical darling and widely regarded as a beautiful and well implemented OS. Despite contributing from an outside consultancy, I was empowered as the Ovi Store Creative Director and traveled the globe advocating for the store’s points of view during the design of the new Meego platform. My team at frog worked closely with the framework design team to create, road-test and improve the overall Meego user experience. And we consulted with the other service design teams (primarily maps and music) to align and improve the user experiences consistently across the platform. We also translated the design intent to the developer intake system to get Meego compliant 3rd party applications. Clearly, my team was primarily responsible for creating the Ovi Store user experience for Meego, but our contributions can be seen throughout the entirety of the phone.

  • Nokia
  • 2010