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The ride-hailing industry is poised for impressive growth. To attract those new riders there’s enormous opportunity to focus on consumers that factor experience – safety, elegance, consistency – into their decision.

Success for Alto means elevating and integrating every interaction with the user over time. Every touchpoint of Alto’s service has been choreographed to deliver thoughtful, elegant journeys — from the passenger app, to the car’s exterior and interior to a service design that learns the user’s preferences to improve future trips.

Alto gantt

From initial research to launch less than 10 months later. The collaboration with Alto involved nearly all of frog’s capabilities — strategy, product and service design, brand strategy, technology integration, app and web development, marketing support and even “place-making.” All of those areas of expertise aligned around a user experience vision and made it real.

frog and Alto Unveil Elegant New Ride Hail Service at the Paris Motor Show: A Q&A with frog’s North American automotive lead Theo Calvin

  • 2018