Week 06 :: Advanced Motion

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Class notes

For a good overview of vectors and forces see Daniel Shiffman's Nature of Code

See the Processing reference for PVector

Sir Isaac Newton: The Universal Law of Gravitation
Applets of math and physics concepts

Paul Bourkes' Geometry Algorithms

A use of dot product: Calculating reflected ray
A use of cross product: Creating a plane/disk perpendicular to a line segment

Bit-101's tutorials on gravity, easing and elasticity


Velocity = Velocity + Acceleration
Position = Position + Velocity
-- Changing the acceleration will cause your object to move in more natural ways.

Example: Basic Vertical Gravity

Advanced topic: Click here to see a model of friction.

Example: Force direction


Example:Motion based on gravity of attractors

Example: Force Intensity Inspector

The addition of attractors has charged the environment with an accelerating force. In this example, the force is mapped pixel by pixel to a color value. Dark areas indicate low amounts of force. Bright areas indicate high levels. Note the dark areas that occur between attractors. In these locations, the opposing forces have canceled each other.

Assignment for next week.

Create an applet that uses vectors and forces to create a form.