Ovi Store for Symbian

I led the creative team that redesigned the Ovi Store from the ground up for the launch of the N8. The previous application design was burdened by extensive use of hidden context menus, poor hierarchy and complicated use patterns. We focused on the primary use flows as the design methodology and restored a user-centric mental geography to the store layout. Further, the design embraced the value of performance and responsiveness on a technically constrained platform. The changes were immediately noticeable in store usage. The new design led to +20% downloads of applications compared to previous Symbian app store designs. The design had a large number of carefully designed nuances, but was very simple overall. And was one of the bright spots in Engadget’s review of the new N8.

“Nokia has all but solved those short-comings with Ovi Store, and we found Ovi Store 2.0 — the new version that ships with the N8 — particularly pleasant to use.” – Engadget, October 14, 2010

  • Nokia
  • 2009