FeelUX for Sharp Aquos

Sharp recognized a new wave of smartphone buyers purchasing Android devices as an upgrade from feature phones. To appeal to this customer base, Sharp approached frog for a new kind of Android. Not just dressed with an OEM’s icons and pre-installed apps, but rather re-designed from the ground up to be a premium experience based on simplicity. An experience that differentiated itself by embracing simplicity deeply into the interaction model rather than layering additional features on a cluttered, technology-exuberant platform. The result was a notably different home and lock screen design that exudes warmth and an approachable idea of a premium smart phone.

I served as Creative Director and design lead for the duration of the Sharp relationship. The first FeelUX device was launched just 9 months after start of design. The concept has been extended to multiple devices, screen resolutions and countries. Primarily for sale in Japan, China, Taiwan and Russia.

“I’m really looking forward to the new collaboration between Sharp and frog Design, and I really, really want more Android OEMs to do that kind of innovation—where it’s not just minor tweaks, but really explore the potential of Android.”
-Matias Duarte, Director of Android User Experience, Google

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  • Sharp
  • 2012